Specialty Containers

Rocky Mountain Containers has various double door cargo containers for sale across Colorado and the Denver area, including 20-foot models, 40-foot models, and the styles below. The term “specialty container” is used to describe containers that have the following design characteristics:

Double Door Cargo Container

  • Swing doors on both ends

Open Top Container

  • Removable soft top using a system of “bows” in place of the normal steel roofing

Open Side Container

  • Several configurations are available
  • One side of the container swings open for loading and unloading access
  • Available in 20′ and 40′ lengths
Please call and we’ll help you find the right configuration that works best for you.

Flat Rack Containers

  • Containers Available in 20′ and 40′ lengths
  • Typically used for large, oversized odd configuration equipment
  • Can handle the high gross payloads this type of equipment can present
Do you need a Denver double door cargo container or one customized to fit your specific needs? Please see our Modifications page for these services.
20 STD DD opentop_container 20 Open Side 3

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Rocky Mountain Containers sells Open Top Containers, Open Side Containers & Double Door Containers throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West.